Andreas Kilcher, ed.
Franz Kafka: The Drawings (2022)

Jenny Erpenbeck
Not a Novel: Essays and Speeches, 1999-2018 (2020)
“A Second Heart,” in The Guardian (November 9, 2019)
“Blind Spots: The 2018 Puterbaugh Keynote,” in World Literature Today (2018)

Peter Bichsel
“The Grammatical Future” and “The Absent War,” in Music & Literature (2019)

Reiner Stach
Is that Kafka? 99 Finds, New Directions (2016)
Read an excerpt in The Nation
Reviewed in The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, TLS, etc.

Regina Ullmann
The Country Road, New Directions (2015)
Recipient of a 2014 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant
Read the story “Strawberries” and my introduction on the PEN website.
Read the story “The Mouse” and my introduction in Two Lines Online (2010)
Read the story “The Christmas Visit” in Little Star Weekly (subscription required)

Gertrud Kolmar
“The Aztec Woman,” in Sophie Discovers Amerika, Camden House (2014)

Anja Utler
engulf – enkindle, Burning Deck, 2010.
Excerpts, with translator’s introductions, published in Two Lines (2010) and in Triple Canopy (February 2011).
Finalist for the Northern California Book Award for Poetry in Translation
Reviewed in The Boston Review, Three Percent, etc.
carried out, prose, excerpt published in Anomalous

Selected poems by authors from the G13 poetry collective, published in no man’s land and Transom

Sarah Alina Grosz
“Housing Block,” story, in Dimension2, 9.3 & 10.1

Alexander Kluge
“Curiosity is my Profession” and “When push comes to shove, politics demands the impossible,” stories, in n+1 (Spring 2005)
“A German scholar in Persia,” “On the advancing frontiers of Europe,” and “500 Euros for an attorney,” stories, in Dimension2, 9.1 & 2

Jana Hensel
“Country Girl,” in the New York Times (September 22, 2005) and in the International Herald Tribune (September 23, 2005)

Helmuth Kiesel
“November 1918,” in A Companion to the Works of Alfred Döblin, R. Dollinger, W. Koepke, and H. Tewarson, eds. (Elizabethtown, NY: Camden House, 2003)

Ernst Jandl
“a love story: rushed,” translation/variation on the poem “a love-story: dringend,” published in The Spook (April/May 2002)