My article “Text and the City: George Grosz, Neue Jugend, and the Political Power of Popular Media” just came out in the new issue of Dada/Surrealism, in its new all-online, open-access format. Advertisements

The news is out! I won the first-ever German Book Office Translation Prize!

My translation of an excerpt from Anja Utler’s first prose book, carried out. A Course Correction, is now online at Anomalous Press. The online version includes a recording of a bilingual reading, and text animation — click on the German marginal texts to display the English translations.

I recently translated a selection of poems by several young Berlin-based poets from the group G13. One set of poems (by Max Czollek, Paula Glamann, Maria Natt, Can Pestanli, Friederike Scheffler, Linus Westheuser, and Ilja Winther) has been published in Transom, along with a brief interview with me. Four more poems by G13 poets (Tristan […]

Here’s an excerpt from the latest review of engulf – enkindle: “Beals deserves serious laurels for his work. engulf — enkindle is a book of surfaces—its significance is rooted in the relationships between words, between sounds—and Beals has rendered those relationships with compelling richness and enviable potency.“ — Dan Rosenberg, The Kenyon Review

My translation of Regina Ullmann’s story “The Mouse” recently appeared in Two Lines Online, along with a brief translator’s introduction. This story is included in the book The Country Road, forthcoming from New Directions in 2015.