Wireless Dada reviews

Wireless Dada has been getting some good reviews lately! In German Quarterly, Tobias Wilke writes: “Wireless Dada is an original and well-conceived contribution to the field of avant-garde studies, and more generally to the media-historical study of literature. The book combines the virtues of close textual analysis and broader discursive contextualization in ways that open up new vistas onto a number of much-discussed Dadaist texts.”

And Michael Subialka says in EuropeNow: “Wireless Dada helps us to uncover a new model for Dada poetics: the author is replaced with the transcriber, the cryptographer, the medium, and the telegraph operator. Not simply a movement protesting the destruction of war and the logic of industrial modernity leading to it, Dada is also a complex recognition of the new systems of information linking the globe and tying seemingly disparate creators into a network of vibrating voices filling the modern skies.”